Therapy for real people with real stories.


Therapy that respects those who seek our counsel.

Heartworks is a place of connection with others and alternative directions in life.

From the Narrative Therapy tradition, we help others construct conversations that build their preferred ways of moving through the world--with relationships, meaning, resolve and heart.



More than just therapy...



So often we are taught or socialized to believe that the pain and problems we experience are ours alone, and that we should suffer them alone. That is, somehow pain must only belong to us and we cannot let others know the kind of pain we are in because that would mean we are weak or not enough. At Heartworks center, we believe the opposite—that pain cannot be taken care of individually, but rather it needs to be healed in community. Pain is meant to be shared and distrusted by others, and in recognizing the shared nature of our suffering. At Heartworks we will together face death, grief, heartache, addiction, disconnection—problems that of our culture.  We will help you find a way back home, to your heart, to yourself, and to how you want to live. We provide a place where you are free who you are right now, and where it is safe to risk everything; to imagine and make possible a new future.

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Individual Counseling

seek and explore personal stories

At Heart Works Center, we seek to provide counseling sessions that foster collaborative & healing client/counselor relationships, with the intention to find meaning in suffering and discover empowering, alternative stories for the future.

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Couples Counseling

Discover shared stories

Our lives are built of many stories that overlap, interact, and at times bump up against each other.  At Heart Works Center, we seek to facilitate and support conversations between couples and amongst family members to heal wounds and write new, liberating life stories together.

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Grief and Loss

Remember stories and carry them with you

Grief is an experience that we all know well. Grief shows up and reminds you of what you love, the pain of losing that love, and connects you more deeply to the natural and inevitable cycles of birth and death. Though the sorrow can be great, by entering into grief, you feel you might encounter the secrets and immediacy of death-in-life, and begin to see the imaginative possibilities of the heart’s strength, and its creative, expanding, and living future. Moving with grief, you begin to feel the deeper and more connected perceptions of the grieving heart.

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Vocation and Purpose

listen for the story the world's calling

Perhaps you are feeling stuck in the repetition of the day-to-day or you are experiencing a time of transition, looking for new work, better relationships, or an improved setting. You are beginning to sense a desire for more purpose and meaning in your career or in the role you play in the community. This is a time to more deeply discover the movement of your own stories, passions, and strengths and see them manifest in the new, creative ways you can engage in the world around you.



Find the world's stories in others

What you had or hoped for between you feels strained or lost. Something has come between you, maybe you can name it or maybe you can’t, but you feel far away from one another and the pain and distance is unbearable. You don’t know how to navigate the distance and you’re seeking extra support to come together.

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Family and Community

Find the world's stories in others

You want to be known and to know those who are most important to you, to shake the sense of loneliness or being unacceptable that prevails in your relationships. You’ve determined that you need to strengthen your connections and you’re seeking support on this journey.

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Hope and Transformation

be curious about the future's stories

Difficulties and despair have come into your life, threatening to take away everything that you know and hold dear. Yet, you have resisted. Some pieces of your story have light and color in them that would not be anticipated or predicted by despair. Together these pieces can form a mosaic of strength, courage, and hope, the likes of which difficulties and despair cannot overcome. You are ready to take hold of hope and move into transformation.



Break the bonds of stories told about you

We all find, at some period in our lives, that we are addicted to someone, to a substance, or to a secret desire or habit. These desires started out as ways of comforting ourselves, relaxing or trying to bring some fascination into our repetitive routines. But what once made us feel at home, now has become a prison of need that seems to narrow or devour the days of our life. There are ways, through individual and group conversations, to unlock that prison and return to the rhythms and activities that remind you of the path that will open your future and recover your freedom.

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Fear and Anxiety

invite new stories to familiar hauntings

Our workplaces, streets and homes are now constantly bombarded by the chaotic influences of technology, the media, and noise. Our attention is over-taxed. When we can’t hear the warm silence of our hearts, fear and anxiety naturally arrive. They try to convince us that this intrusive chaos is inside of us. Under the spell of anxiety, our thoughts and feelings are no longer rich resources of presence and resolve, but rather, we are compelled to think incessantly about how to escape the sense of falling further into the meaningless swirl and lonely insecurity of this chaos. Narrative therapy can help you prepare for and fend off the arrival and attacks of fear and anxiety, as well as help you plot out ways to once again feel at home in your skin.


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